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The British Society of Flavourists
was founded in 1970 to promote the interests of individuals working within the Flavour Industry. Membership is now in excess of 600 individuals, including flavourists, technologists, marketing and sales

The day-to-day running of the Society is in the hands of the council which is elected at the Annual General Meeting.

We are always trying to introduce new events and to keep pace with the ever-changing environment that our industry is a part of.

We look forward to the continued support of our existing members and to welcoming new members to our ever-growing Society.

To all Voting Members (all Fellows and Associates and any Affiliates or Students who currently serve or have served on Council)

43rd AGM
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Annual Symposium 2014

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volunteer needed

The current holder of the position has served the maximum term permitted under the constitution and must retire at the next AGM. We need a volunteer for this position. The duties are outlined below:

The Honorary Membership Secretary
shall hold all records of Society Membership and shall regularly and from time to time and whenever requested by the Council, the President or Vice-President so to do, report to the Council the state of Membership of the Society and keep in a proper manner such Membership Records as required for the proper running of the Society. He or she shall be responsible for the organisation of invoicing and the collection of Annual Subscriptions, additions to and alterations of the Membership Records, production of a Membership list for annual circulation to Members of the Society, to pass to the Honorary Treasurer all Membership Subscriptions paid to the Society and inform the Honorary Secretary to ensure matters and Society Publications requiring circulation to the Membership are despatched against records current at that time.

Anyone interested in helping in this important role should contact the BSF President, Brian Grainger, at president@bsf.org.uk

Flavourist Course Advert

This programme has been developed by the British Society of Flavourists and the University of Reading, with the support of the International Federation of Essential Oil and Aroma Trades. The three-week course will provide the foundation on which you can build your career as a flavourist.

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Welcome to the website of the British Society of Flavourists.
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brian grainger
Diary Dates
BSF Flavourist Training Course
6 - 23 May 2014
Venue: Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading.

BSF Golf Day
Tues. 10th June 2014
Venie: St. Pierre Golf Club, Chepstow, Wales.
NP16 6YA.
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