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We welcome any ideas that members may have for events for the coming year. Also any comments that members have on current events would be greatly appreciated.

tabletalk 2016

A record number of people attended the 8th Table Talk exhibition held on the 3rd March in the NH Schiphol Hotel at Amsterdam Airport. The change of venue was made because the usual venue, NH Barbizon Palace Hotel, was being refurbished. A number of attendees felt that the new venue was very convenient for the airport and those that drove to the event found the parking very easy. However, the majority of attendees who completed the feedback forms stated that they would prefer the exhibition to return to NH Barbizon Palace in 2017 (58%).

New exhibitors to Amsterdam this year were ACS International, Bedoukian Research, Miritz Citrus Ingredients, Robertet, and Ventós and returning after a break were DSM Food Specialities and Firmenich. 

One feature of the 2016 exhibition was the number of beverage ingredients, especially tea, that were on show. O’Laughlin Corporation focused exclusively on tea essences showing green tea, black tea, oolong tea, puer tea and jasmine tea. Finlay Extracts showed organic tea extracts and aromas including black and green tea recovery flavours and a fermented green tea aroma. Firmenich showed a green tea under the Naturome label, Wild Flavors had black tea, Ceylon tea and green tea flavouring preparations and Destilla Flavours & Extracts demonstrated tea distillates. Coffee ingredients were exhibited by Frutarom F&F Ingredients, Lluch Essence and Omega Ingredients.

Another strong theme running through the exhibition was citrus with Miritz Citrus Ingredients demonstrating their expertise with lime oils and extracts, Robertet with orange zest oil, Wild Flavors with orange and lime flavouring preparations and Treatt demonstrating their novel range of nature identical essential oils including a ‘pink blend’ grapefruit oil. Another innovative theme came from Döhler who exhibited a range of elderflower extracts, flavourings, juices and concentrates.

Some of the materials on show that attracted the attention of flavourists and mentioned in feedback forms were 2,3-epoxydecanal and aldehydes from Treatt, Sarawak pepper from Omega Ingredients, sulphurol from Ventós and Omega Ingredients, natural methyl 3-methylthiopropionate from Riverside and delta hexalactone and epsilon decalactone from ACS International. 

Decisions have not been made yet about the 2017 exhibition.

Selected materials from each exhibitor that were of greatest interest during the exhibition are here (this will open a pdf document). Contact e-mail addresses are supplied if readers are interested in sourcing samples.  

visit to endeavour speciality chemicals

The Women in Flavour and Fragrance Companies UK (WFFC) organised a visit to Endeavour Speciality Chemicals based in Daventry on 24th February. The BSF were also invited and fourteen people attended and were met by hosts of the day Stewart House, General Manager of Endeavour, and Lynzi Bennett of WFFC and Treatt.

Stewart introduced the company. Endeavour was founded in 1991 in Daventry and moved to a new facility on the edge of Daventry in 2002. In 2008 the company was acquired by Robinsons Brothers, West Bromwich, who manufacture bulk scale chemicals. Endeavour work closely with Treatt and Stewart described them as the producer of the ‘Rolls Royce of chemicals’; high impact aroma chemicals with powerful distinctive flavour characteristics. Manufacturing processes include high pressure hydrogenation, thiolation, Grignard reactions, hydrogen sulphide and carbon disulphide chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, amination, dehydrogenation, bromination and oxidation reactions. They have over 400 chemicals in their product range and the Research Department is constantly on the search for new high impact aroma molecules or developing more efficient routes to existing products.

One of the most impressive features of the visit was the complete absence of any polluting smell both outside and inside the building - even in the laboratories producing some of the most potent aroma compounds known to mankind. This is achieved through state of the art air ventilation systems, carbon filtration and a chemical scrubbing unit discretely located at the rear of the building surrounded by trees (see photo). Endeavour is environmentally audited on a regular basis and has to meet the most stringent standards of air quality management laid down in legislation. The visitors on the day were all impressed by the complete absence of any ‘stink’ usually associated with such an operation.

After a fine buffet lunch the visit was concluded with an entertaining aroma quiz. The visitors were divided into two teams and presented blind with a number of high impact aroma chemicals at suitable dilutions and asked to describe their flavour characters. These were later revealed as;

2-Pentyl Acetate: orange juicy, green unripe fruit with oily, fatty notes.
4-Vinyl Guaiacol: smoky, ham, bacon, woody.
2-Pentyl Butyrate: fragrant, fruity, banana, apricot.
5-Methyl-2-hepten-4-one: hazelnut, buttery, roasted, coffee with meaty notes.
Dimethyl Sulphide: cabbage, sweetcorn boiled vegetable, sulphurous.
Bis(methylthio)methane: truffle, garlic, fresh onion, sulphurous, vegetable cabbage nuances.
Methyl Octyl Sulphide: tinned pineapple chunks, earthy, roasted peanut.
2-Isobutyl-3-methylpyrazine: green, bell pepper, fresh.
Methylthiobutyrate: sulphurous with tropical fruit and Limburger cheese character.

The BSF would like to thank Stewart for a most enjoyable, informative and educational visit and Lynzi and the WFFC for organising the event.  

quiz night 2015

The Irish Centre in Milton Keynes was the annual setting for the BSF Annual Quiz night. The evening was well organised and presented by Mal Nally and his assistant Mike. 

This year was the 13th year and again the evening was a close contest with The BOFS team winning. They were pushed all the way by Gras Managerie who finished second.

The winners were the BOFS team of Katrina Barker, David Anthony, Danny & Sue Feakin and Marcel Aarts. Gras Managerie was led by Richard Clark, Janet Clark, Sally Hart and Steve Hart.

There were a few teams dropped out at the last minute but this didn’t take away from a great evening had by all. The traditional chip shop dinner was enjoyed half way through the night and hopefully we can see you all again next year.


visit to muntons

Women in Flavour and Fragrance Companies UK (WFFC) organised a visit to Muntons in Stowmarket on 8th October. The WFFC kindly invited BSF members to attend and a number came along. The hosts from Muntons, Gary Lancaster and Jonathan Pritchard, gave a PowerPoint presentation at the start of the tour covering the market for malt extract, the important position that Muntons holds in the market and an overview of the manufacturing process. One could not fail to be impressed by the efficiencies that Muntons has built into their processes giving them the ability to manufacture 80,000 tonnes of product per annum from locally sourced barley at Stowmarket. Even more impressive is the carbon saving sustainable systems that they have adopted reducing the carbon footprint in both the supply chain and in the manufacturing process.

The visitors were divided into small groups and taken around the production process followed by a visit to the Centre of Excellence, a purpose built facility undertaking product development and innovation of malt and malted ingredients and retail products.  Of greatest interest to the flavour people present was the tasting of the range of malt extracts and their use to flavour a range of food products. Malt extracts can significantly influence the character of food products at surprisingly low levels of application making them richer and more succulent. The most popular part of the visit for some of the more alcoholically inclined visitors (no names mentioned) was the visit to the pilot brewery.

The BSF would like to thank the WFFC, especially Charlotte Catignani, for organising the visit and Gary Lancaster, Jonathan Pritchard and the other staff of Muntons for giving the visitors a most interesting and entertaining day and for providing a substantial buffet lunch.    

golf day 2015

This year it was decided to join forces with other societies in the Perfumery and Essential Oils Industry so this was actually the inaugural BSF, BSP and BEOA joint golf day. 21 golfers from the respective societies with 13 of those playing being from the BSF although there were quite a few present who were members of at least 2 of the societies The outright winner was Keith Clarke of Orkla Foods who has attended every BSF Golf Day since the start! It was a pleasure to present him with the trophy and the photo below leaves no doubt about how happy he was with the result.

Prizes were generously donated by the following companies (in alphabetical order):
F D Copeland
F&F Projects
Fragrance Oils
Orkla Foods
Phoenix Aromas
The Wheatsheaf Thornbury

After much discussion it was decided that future events will continue on a joint basis and Graham Bott of Azelis has volunteered to organize 2016 on behalf of the BSP.
Danny Hodrien

golf day 2015
(Photo: Hawkstone Park. Inset: outright winner Kieth Clarke)

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