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We welcome any ideas that members may have for events for the coming year. Also any comments that members have on current events would be greatly appreciated.

table talk 2014

The Table Talk exhibition held in Amsterdam on March 6th was a resounding success with a record number of delegates and exhibitors attending. In total 180 people registered which represented the maximum number permitted for the venue. Unfortunately some people applied late and were assigned to the waiting list and in the end some of these were unable to attend. There is a message there for next year - register in good time to secure a place.

We do not intend to make the exhibition any larger in future years because by the nature of the event we need to balance the number of delegates with the number of exhibitors. We had 24 exhibitors this year and there were 14 sessions of presentations so one delegate could only see 14 offerings from supplier companies. The sessions were a feast of flavour ingredients with 24 simultaneous sessions running at the same time throughout the day. In total 250 materials were on show ranging from flavour chemicals, flavour extracts, essential oils, HVPs, yeast extracts and meat powders/meat extracts.

Some of the more unique offerings were Sichuan extracts from Kancor Ingredients that produced an impressive sanchool tingle on the tip of the tongue, yeast extracts from Yeastock applied to sweet products that enhanced sweet notes, odourless and tasteless cooling compounds from Renessenz and a concentrated water extract produced from French oak staves from Treatt. Selected materials from each exhibitor are featured <here> (This will open a new window in your browser). Contact e-mail addresses are supplied if readers are interested in obtaining samples.

Next year the exhibition will be held again in Amsterdam on the first Thursday of March. An equivalent exhibition is planned to be held in Singapore in May 2015. 


visit to waltham

A small group of BSF members met at the WALTHAM® Centre for Pet Nutrition, in Leicestershire, to learn about the science of petfood and pet nutrition, and the role of flavour research in petfood.

We were introduced to the centre by Professor Andy Taylor, who outlined how the centre is organised, and how important flavour is to deliver complete balanced nutrition to pets.

A short tour of the cat and the dog care facilities was the highlight of the visit. Each WALTHAM® pet has an assigned care specialist who is responsible for their welfare. For myself, I look forward to a next life as a cat at WALTHAM®, as they are clearly very happy and playful. Pet dogs at WALTHAM® have a great deal of freedom and are housed in pairs in kennels that form a circular arrangement. This ensures that all dogs can not only see each other, but they can also all see any person entering the kennel area: this helps to prevent the potential stress associated with linear designed kennels that may have limited visibility. Some of the kennels arc around the main office and dogs can be let into the office area so someone seated at their work console can be visited. This develops a more intimate understanding of the pets that are key to their business.

The group tasted some Mars products, chocolate and catfood, and were able to assign flavourists' descriptors to the samples.

It was an excellent visit, and many thanks to the team at Mars for organising it.

quiz night 2013

Picture: Winners Ian Allwork, Jo Allwork, Brian Grainger, Janet Clark and Richard Clark.

The Irish Centre in Milton Keynes was the familiar annual setting for the BSF Annual Quiz night. This year was its eleventh year and still as popular as ever.

It seems unnecessary but I cannot say enough thanks to both Mal Nally and Mike Touhy who presented the quiz night and my special thanks go to both of them to make this event special. Also there were many new faces and teams which again prove what a success this evening is. It is a great opportunity to meet friends from the industry and to make new contacts.

This year’s competition was between 8 teams and the top three teams were only separated by a couple of points.

The winners were the Gras Menagerie team with 72 points, closely followed by the BOFS team (Katrina Barker, David Anthony, Matthew Jones, Danny Feakin, and Marcel Aarts) with 70 points. The third team also on 70 points lost out narrowly with less points in their joker round.

The traditional chip shop dinner was enjoyed half way through the night and hopefully we can see you all again next year.


lorenzo schiavone

All flavourists should attend the “Flavourist Training Course” in Reading; the best flavourists I know have done it.

What I have learned in three weeks is just amazing: reaction flavours, top notes formulations, blends, analysis, legislation. What I found very effective is the practical participation which allows the students to apply what they have learned during the lectures. The course was very useful and I am glad to have participated at it getting knowledge from the teachers who are happy to share information with the students. The Reading Course was an opportunity to meet flavourists from different companies and start to create network connections as well as friends.

This year I was awarded the best student prize and as such I was able to attend the annual IFEAT conference in San Francisco. It was a wonderful experience, the city is incredible and I met a huge number of people: suppliers, customers and competitors. The IFEAT conference is the greatest opportunity to understand just how big the flavour industry is.

The main topic of the conference this year was sustainability with lots of lectures about sustainable growth given by experts. Also very interesting was the trade exhibition where it is possible to discover new raw materials and suppliers.

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