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We welcome any ideas that members may have for events for the coming year. Also any comments that members have on current events would be greatly appreciated.

The Irish Centre in Milton Keynes was the familiar annual setting for the BSF Annual Quiz night. The event was well supported and there was a great atmosphere. 

This year we were hit by a number of last minute illnesses and we lost a team and Mike who normally helps Mal in running the quiz. Fortunately Mal’s son and his daughter in law helped to save the day. Many thanks to Paul and Nicola.

Despite this set back we still had 7 teams competing for the winners’ trophy.

The twelfth year of competition saw a very close contest between all the teams.

Last year’s winning score of 72 points was well beaten and the winners this year scored 78 points. Which was only a couple of points more then the second placed team.

The winners were the BOFS team of Katrina Barker, David Anthony, Brian Harvey, Liam Chatton and Marcel Aarts, closely followed by the Endeavour team who scored 76 points.

Both teams scored full points in their joker round and the BOFS team played their joker card in the first round and gained a lead of 11 points. This gap was closed in the second round of questions when the Endeavour team played their joker and scored 9 more points than the winners.

The third placed team was Gras Menagerie, last year winners, who battled bravely despite one of their members having a calendar mix up moment, enough said …..

The traditional chip shop dinner was enjoyed half way through the night and hopefully we can see you all again next year.


quiznight 2014

Above: Winners Brian Harvey, David Anthony, Marcel Aarts, Liam Chatton and Katrina Barker

flavourist course 2014

Twelve delegates attended the course at Reading from 6th to 23rd May. Once again they came from around the world; countries including Austria, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Vietnam, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

The course is organised and taught jointly by members of the BSF and the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at the University of Reading and is sponsored by IFEAT. The teaching comprised a series of lectures on key topics related to flavour creation, and practical work tasting key raw materials, and during the final week, creating flavours.

Jack Knights, Dr Richard Clark and Brian Grainger introduced a wide range of key raw materials to taste, both natural and nature identical, including some key high odour impact raw materials. John Forbes of R C Treatt gave in-depth presentations of citrus and mint oils, from crop harvest to fractionated isolates. The use of other herbs and spices and their processing into essential oils and extracts were explained by Len Gates.

The University of Reading’s Flavour group gave presentations on flavour chemistry (Prof Don Mottram), flavour interactions with food matrices (Dr Jane Parker), and an afternoon was spent in the analytical labs with Drs Jane Parker and Steve Elmore providing first-hand experience of modern techniques in flavour analysis.

During the second week a field trip was arranged to visit Lionel Hitchen (Essential Oils) Ltd. in Hampshire. Having discussed and tasted essential oils and oleoresins in earlier lectures, the group was now able to see them produced at the factory.  Many thanks to LHEO for the excellent tour and presentations.

Very practical advice on flavour formulation and flavour release was given by Richard Clark. These would prove helpful during the final week’s creation exercise. Joy Hardinge gave important and practical information on international legislation related to flavours.

At the end of the second week Dr David Baines gave detailed and very entertaining presentations on savoury flavours and Maillard reaction chemistry. This included practical demonstrations of process flavour reactions. Richard Seal lectured on seasonings. Dr David Rowe gave an overview of high impact materials for savoury flavours, including many samples to smell. Several of these would prove valuable during the third week’s flavour creation work.

Theory and practical demonstrations of spray drying were shown by Keshavan Niranjan, who also gave a tour of the University's extensive pilot plant.

A key component of the course is for the participants to create flavours that are presented to the group, and to the flavourist judges. Each participant was required to create a strawberry flavour, plus one other flavour of their own choosing. The results showed good creativity and in many cases very authentic profiles. Each year IFEAT awards a prize of admission to their annual Conference to the student adjudged by the flavourist lecturers to have demonstrated the most improvement in flavour creation ability over the course.

The lecturers were unanimous in judging the prize winner as Valentina Bongiovanni of Kerry. Her Apricot Flavour creation was outstanding, very authentic tasting and an elegant formula. The Strawberry Flavour she created used novel ingredients and produced an excellent blended flavour.

On the last day, the participants sat a short examination, covering points that were brought up in the lectures and practicals. All successfully passed, and are now BSF members for the next year.

The students were a pleasure to work with. Social events included an excellent wine tasting organised by the University Senior Common Room, and the course dinner at Heston Blumenthal’s Hind’s Head restaurant in Bray.

Many thanks to Reading’s Yvonne Harewood for all her work to make the course run very smoothly.

The lecturers are all looking forward to the 2015 course, for which we understand several students have already applied!  

flavour course 2014

B. Kapusta, A. Albertino, B. Grainger, Dr. R Clark, Prof D. Mottram, R. Najar Vilchis, M. Urban-Klik, Dr. D. Baines.
Front: P. Tsitlakidou, L. Cai, A. Rooney, V. Bongiovanni, H. T. Tran, J. Knights, T. Nishizawa, T. Nakazato, J. Villalba  

golf day 2014

For those golfing members who didn’t attend this year you missed an excellent day on the magnificent course at St Pierre and a splendid evening in the oak-paneled dining room at the club.

Despite efforts to wrest the BSF trophy from his grasp this year’s winner with a Stableford score of 36 points was once again David Woollin of Orkla Foods.

Nearest the Pin : Michael Torre (F D Copeland)

Longest Drive: Janis Sinton (Tastetech)

Other scores of 20 and over were as follows:

Michael Torre (F D Copeland) 31
Trevor Browne (Optitaste) 30
Keith Clarke (Orkla Foods) 27
Laurent Venzi (IFF) 26
Nigel Crane (Essential Cuisine) 24
Stephen Ellis (Silesia) 20
Daniel Hickey (All-in-All Ingredients) 20

A few players didn’t quite make the 20’s - I’m sure we will be getting in some much needed practice for next time!

A big thank you goes to the companies who sponsored this year’s prizes:

Essential Cuisine
F D Copeland
F&F Projects Ltd
Orkla Foods UK plc
Optitaste Ltd
Marriott St Pierre

There was obviously some concern about the low turnout for this year and the Council would really appreciate your feedback (in confidence if you prefer) to let us know what can be done to encourage a better attendance for next year. Was it too expensive? Was the location not ideal? Was the date/day of the week not suitable? Etc.etc.

If any golfing members would like to organize the 2015 event then please let us know as fresh ideas are always welcome.

Please send your comments by email to danny.hodrien@fandfprojects.com  

gold day winner 2014

Picture: This year’s winner David Woolin being presented with the BSF trophy by Danny Hodrien.

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Forthcoming Events at the British Society of Flavourists.
events dates
BSF Flavour Ingredients Table Talk Exhibition Thurs. 5 March 2015
Venue: Barbizon Palace Hotel, Amsterdam.

Flavour Horizons FlavourTalk Singapore 28 - 29 April 2015
Venue: Village Hotel, Changi.

BSF Flavourist Training Course
5 - 22 May 2015
Venue: Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Reading. 

Inaugural Golf Day

24 June 2015
Venue: Hawkstone Park Golf Club, Weston under Redcastle, Nr Shrewsbury.
For further information on BSF events please contact: secretary@bsf.org.uk
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