Founded in 1970 to promote the interests of individuals working within the Flavour Industry


Founded in 1970 to promote the interests of individuals working within the Flavour Industry


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Events Diary

  02 May 2024   6:30pm - 8:00pm
Speculating on Flavour Chemistry and Evolution with Prof Dave Baines
  15 May 2024   7:00pm - 9:00pm
  Hybrid Zoom and University of Reading
BSF goes to India: Webinars with Binod Maitin & Kavita Bhatnagar
  26 Jun 2024  10:30am -12:30pm
BSP - BSF Event with Melina Napoitano & Rachel Herz
  12 Sep 2024   7:30pm - 9:00pm

Flavour Talks Podcasts

Hear from people for whom the chemical senses — smell and taste — are at the heart of their professional lives - find out more...

Latest podcasts
Flavour Talks Podcast with Nigel Murphy
Flavour Talks Podcast with Kaan Demiryurek
Flavour Talks Podcast with Anne Tromelin
Flavour Talks Podcast with Sam Bompas
Flavour Talks Podcast with John Forbes
Flavour Talks Podcast with Don Mottram
Flavour Talks Podcast with Nancy E. Rawson
Flavour Talks Podcast with Michel Aubanel
Flavour Talks Podcast with Marie Wright
Flavour Talks Podcast with Andrea Büttner
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Recent Society Lectures

Recent Society lectures
Jingang Shi - Can humans smell tastants?
Machine learning for optimisation of flavours and fragrances - Intelligens
Olivier Taboureau - Application of AI to decode relationships between smell, olfactory receptors and small molecules
Caro Verbeek - Eating Perfumes & Smelling Colour
John Newell - Flavour Modulation of Cocoa, & Answesha Sarkar - Decoding Chocolate Mouthfeel
Marie Wright - The Power of Elegance: 2023 Bill LittleJohn Memorial Lecture
Danny Hodrien - Flavour Development Challenges for Low/No Alcoholic Beverages
Kaan Demiyurek - Food for Thought
Alex Woo - Clean Label Salty, Umami & Kokumi Taste Modulation
Eating to Extinction - Dan Saladino
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BSF Flavourist Training Course

New members:

Angela Barnard - Fellow
William Van Dongen - Affiliate
Felipe Miguel Rivera - Associate
Vinh Nguyen - Associate
Lucy Turner - Student
Raza Syed - Affiliate
Nihal Akyol - Student
Seda Kader - Student
Esra Onay - Student
Kimberly Bendickson - Associate
Phillippa Holford - Fellow
James Hill - Student
Tiphaine Negarville - Associate
Joseph Carter - Student
Efe Bulutoglu - Associate
Vibha Gaur - Associate
Alison Green - Affiliate