The Health Benefits of
the Indian Curry

Aruveda medicine originated in India in prehistoric times and has used spice and herb based remedies for thousands of years to prevent and cure disease. Only recently have scientists had the tools to be able to investigate the long held myths and ‘old wives tales’ relating to these everyday food items and recent research has led to some extraordinary discoveries. The commonly held belief is that, in the Indian sub-continent, spices were used to mask the taste of off-meat. This lecture will explore the recent scientific discoveries relating to the spices commonly used in the Indian curry and make the case that their primary use was to protect health. The Indian curry turns out to be a delicious nutritional food but also a valuable source of health-promoting phytochemicals.



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About the speaker:

Dr. David Baines is a consultant with significant project management skills and strategic research and new product development achievement gained in the field of food ingredients with special emphasis on flavours. Highly creative, bringing a practical and strong business development focus to R&D, manufacturing and process development.