British Society of Flavourists

Dear Members,

At the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 7th December 2016 (minutes available here), a number of amendments to The Society's constitution were discussed and agreed upon. We have now updated our online version to reflect these changes.

The Officers and the Council would like to thank all who participated in the discussions to bring our Society forward.

BSF Council Officers

Welcome to the new look BSF website. As well as having a more contemporary styling that works well on all types of devices (try it out on your smart phone!), it has a completely new underlying infrastructure to allow all kinds of new features. 

The site runs through an extremely powerful content management system (a CMS platform known as Joomla!), which has been integrated with our membership database - these means that membership records as well as e-mailings are now all in one place. This will allow us to introduce a host of new features, in particular to provide a secure area dedicated to our members in which they will be able to access downloadable content as well as be able to manage their own contact details. In the future we will be also be able to modernise the subscription payment process.

So keep an eye out for the new features, coming soon!....

At the recent council meeting it was decided that the automatic small annual increase in subscription levels provided for in our constitution was to be waved for the 2017 subscriptions cycle.