The British Society of Flavourists invites articles to be published in future issues of the New Flavourist magazine. 

We are encouraging our members and subscribers to submit articles that will be reviewed and edited by our Board. The content must be of interest to flavourists and/or the wider flavour industry, covering one or more of the following:
flavouring substances, flavour modulation, flavour application, flavouring legislation, artificial intelligence, sensory analysis, analytical techniques, flavour technology (extraction, encapsulation, reaction, emulsion, compounding), characterisation of natural products, flavour trends and new innovations and discoveries in flavour science and technology.

Articles should comprise 1000–2500 words although some may extend to 3000 words for particularly interesting and pertinent topics.
Commercial products may be mentioned but we are unable to accept articles whose sole intention is to promote commercial products.
Please provide high-resolution royalty-free images to illustrate articles where relevant.

To contact us please use the web form or email us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..