Season 3 of the Flavour Talks podcast kicks off with flavourist Nigel John Murphy.  Nigel began his career over 40 years ago, after graduating in Food Technology, he began creating seasonings with a particular focus on learning the flavour of herbs and spices, progressing to join the largest seasoning house in the UK. Encouraged and taught by leading names in the industry and through several joint ventures, this culminated in the creation of the Quintessence range of seasonings. This success led to a position with IFF.  After global positions as senior flavourist, several roles were developed for Symrise, Griffiths, Kerry and Mane, creating a huge range of expertise in all areas of savoury. He retired after 5 years as Head of Savoury Creation for Givaudan in Singapore. Originally from Leicester, Nigel is married, with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Host: Andrea Albertino & Seán Ryan, Music: Aidan Kirkwood, Editing: Maria Palassarou, Publishing: Ján Peťka

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