The British Society of Flavourists is delighted to announce the launch of our new website feature: BSF Chat. This innovative platform is fully functional on both PCs/Macs and smartphones and allows our members to network. With BSF Chat, you can engage in member-to-member conversations by simply typing in the name of the person you wish to contact, or by visiting the online member area, and not only that!

Explore Our Different Chat Channels

We have created one general chat called "members" for discussions on general topics and information about the BSF. In addition, there are ten chats dedicated to specific topics within the flavour industry:

  1. Flavour Creation: Discussion and questions about flavour creation and its challenges.
  2. Flavour Legislation: Share and debate information on flavour-related laws and regulations.
  3. Flavour Encapsulation: Focus on encapsulation technologies.
  4. Flavour Analysis: Delve into flavour analysis insights
  5. AI Applied to Flavours: Explore the limits of artificial intelligence in flavour development.
  6. Bakery: Discuss flavour applications in bakery products.
  7. Beverage: flavourings for beverages and Beverage applications.
  8. Confectionery: Focus on flavouring in confectionery products.
  9. Dairy: Discuss flavourings in dairy product applications.
  10. BSF Symposium: Share information and discuss past and future BSF Symposiums.

Each channel is designed for members to ask, answer, discuss and share knowledge on specific topics, taking into account company policies.

How to Access BSF Chat

To access the chat function, you must be an active member of the British Society of Flavourists. The chat feature is currently in its beta version, so please follow these instructions to activate it:

  • On PC: Press Ctrl/Shift+F5
  • On Mac with Safari: Press Cmd + R
  • On Mac with Chrome: Press Cmd + Shift + R
  • On the smartphone browser: Switch to PC mode, then switch back to mobile mode.

Important Reminder

We encourage all users to read the chat rules before participating.

We hope you enjoy this new way to connect with other members and grow our community.


Michele Pezzotta; BSF Chat Admin