British Society of Flavourists

The European Flavour Association (EFFA) has announced an event entitled 'Brussels Flavour Day', to be held on 20th Jun 2017 in Brussels.

The theme will be 'The role of flavourings in our food’s future' and, according to EFFA...

"For the first time, the national, European and global levels are working together in a big event to highlight the important role of flavourings in the challenges and opportunities of the future. We will explore how they can meet consumer’s expectations and policy maker’s goals at the same time, by offering products that are at the same time responsible and delicious"

This will be the first in a series of events about flavourings in Europe, including London (21st Sept – Centenary gala), Paris (16th Nov - 'Flavourings: unravel the true from the false'), & Berlin.

More information is available from the EFFA newsroom.