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The Future of Maillard Reactions with Nigel Murphy - The 2024 BILL LITTLE JOHN Memorial Lecture
Thursday 25 April 2024, 19:00 - 20:30
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The presentation takes a look at the future of process flavours.
From the first generation of Maillard reaction over 100 years ago and its foundation in the flavour industry as commercial use in the 1960s, utilising hydrolysed vegetable proteins, until today. We examine the progression into technology and creativity to differentiate process flavours and what might be next?

Nigel John Murphy

Nigel started his career over 40 years ago, after graduating from Food Technology he started creating seasonings with particular emphasis learning about the flavour of herbs & spices, progressing to join the largest seasoning house in UK. Encouraged and taught by leading names in the Industry, and through several joint ventures culminated in the creation of Quintessence range of Flavours. This success lead to working for IFF. After global positions as Senior Flavourist, several roles were developed for Symrise, Griffiths, Kerry, and Mane. Creating a massive range of expertise in all areas of Savoury. Retirement came after 5 years leading Savoury Creation for Givaudan in Singapore. Nigel is originally from Leicester and is married with 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

The Bill Littlejohn Memorial Award

The lecture and award medallion is given every year in memory of William (Bill) Rowe Littlejohn (1907-1970) to commemorate his life and his work in the flavour industry. He was instrumental in the formation of the British Society of Flavourists, as he believed that flavourists needed a society that promoted the art and science of their profession. Sadly he died before the inaugural meeting in 1970.
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