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Olfactory Disorders - recent research into anosmia & parosmia
Thursday 30 July 2020, 18:30 - 19:00
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A short on-line talk by Dr. Jane Parker, University of Reading.

"Olfactory disorders such as anosmia and parosmia have been largely unrecognised, but with the rise in anosmia from Covid-19, and a very recent surge in Covid-19 parosmics, this is changing.  Having met Chrissi Kelly (founder of the charity AbScent which provides support for those with olfactory disorders) at the BSF FlavourTalk in 2019, we set up a collaboration to determine whether specific molecules were triggering parosmia in post-viral parosmics, and this remit has expanded in the last 2 months to include post-Covid parosmics. The recovery journeys are slightly different, making this more of a challenge. The talk will cover recent research on Covid-19 related anosmia, associated mechanisms and features some recent results from the molecular study."

This talk will be the first delivered as an online presentation, using the Zoom platfom. Access details available from the contact email above.

The talk is open to members only, and precedes the 2020 BSF AGM.

Dr. Jane Parker

Jane is a chemist and a keen cook who became fascinated with flavour – why and how do things smell? Originally a physical-organic chemist who has worked in both the chemical and the flavour industries, she moved to the University of Reading where she is Associate Professor in Flavour Chemistry, leading the flavour chemistry research group and the Flavour Centre, the University’s interface between flavour research and the food industry. Her expertise is in flavour formation pathways, whether that’s in meat, smoke, chocolate or tomatoes. Recently she has developed an interest on olfactory disorders which has come to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic (more on Dr. Jane Parker at University of Reading).

In 2018 Jane was awarded the Bill LittleJohn Memorial medallion for her lecture entitled 'From Flames to Furaneol')

Location Zoom online meeting - link TBA

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