Title Date Time Location
Webinar Giancarlo Cravotto: Recent advances and perspectives in green extraction processes Thursday 27 January 2022 19:00 Online (Zoom)
Webinar Andy Taylor: Predicting sensory properties from flavour formulations - dream or reality? Thursday 24 February 2022 Online (Zoom)
Webinar Chiara Cordero: Artificial Intelligence Smelling: can multidimensional chromatography play a (key) role? Tuesday 12 April 2022 Online (Zoom)
51st AGM Thursday 14 April 2022 18:30 Online (Zoom)
Flavourist Training Course (UoR) Wednesday 11 May 2022 University of Reading
Webinar Robert Cordina: The molecular basis of cuisines Wednesday 18 May 2022 Online (Zoom)