To apply for membership please review the various grades of membership below, then return a completed application form to the membership secretary (postal address is included on the form or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). If you are not sure which grade to apply for, please leave blank and the Council will assign for you. Once received, the application will be considered by the Council and you will receive notification shortly after.

If you are a member and believe you are now eligible for a higher grade, please complete and submit a new application form, with the required number of sponsor signatures for that grade.

Please note that Membership of the British Society of Flavourists is accepted and held solely on a personal basis, and is not linked to a member's employer. This is important when it comes to matters of annual subscriptions - members may elect to have theirs paid directly by their employer, but ultimately membership details are a matter between the Member & The Society only. For this reason we are also unable to provide group invoices.

Grades of membership and conditions of entry are given in the following extract from the Constitution and Rules:

  1. A FELLOW shall not be under thirty years of age and shall have been engaged as a Creative Flavourist for a period of at least ten years. Applicants must be sponsored by at least two voting members*. At the discretion of Council, persons who fall outside the above requirement may be elected as Fellows
  2. An ASSOCIATE MEMBER shall be either a) a full-time Creative Flavourist with at least four years experience; or b) a Flavour Application Chemist or Food Technologist responsible for flavour blending, assessment and evaluation for a period of at least five years; or c) a person of such standing in the flavour-producing or using industries as satisfies the Membership Committee that he/she is eligible for membership. An Associate Member must be proposed by two voting members*
  3. A STUDENT MEMBER shall be a new entrant to the flavour industry, not yet able to qualify as an Associate. After Student membership he/she may apply for Associate membership under a) or b) of paragraph ii) above. A Student member must be proposed by one voting member*
  4. AFFILIATE MEMBERS will include those persons employed in the flavour manufacturing industry who are not eligible for other membership categories. Technical and Marketing Consultants, Commercial and Technical Managers will be eligible if a direct relationship to the flavouring industry as such can be shown to the satisfaction of the Membership Committee. An Affiliate Member must be sponsored by three voting members*

Applicants who are not able to find the requisite number of sponsors should give fullest details of experience in order that the Membership Committee can allocate the correct grade of membership.

Members who allow their membership to lapse for at least one year will be charged £10 (€15) reinstatement fee to rejoin irrespective of their membership grade.

* Voting Members are Fellows, Associates and those Affiliates and Students who are serving or who have served on Council.


2020 subscription rates

FELLOWS £50 (€60)
ASSOCIATES £42 (€50)
AFFILIATES £44 (€53)
STUDENTS £26 (€31)

The full annual subscription is due on notification of election to the Society and subsequently on 1st. January.

Online payments


We are able to receive BSF subscriptions and other payments through PayPal. To take advantage of this just click the above button. Debit or Credit card payments may also be made using this method – just select "Check Out as Guest".

Please enter the type of payment i.e. membership subscription, event booking fee, the name of the person for whom the entry is being made etc. and the amount in Pounds Sterling (GBP). If your credit card is in a different currency this will be adjusted in your account.