The iconic British Society of Flavourists logo came about as a result of a competition run by the founding Council in 1970. All Fellow & Associate members were invited to submit their ideas, with entries to be judged by the Council.

Past Fellow Member Arthur Phillips described how his winnning design came to be:

"I wanted to depict what flavour chemistry was all about so I had the apple and the liquid in mind and a flask.

The original designs were:
(1) an apple floating in a liquid inside a long necked spherical flask but actual rather than depicted by shapes
(2) a depicted apple above depicted liquid inside a conical flask depicted by outline.

The judges picked my design (2) but removed the outline of the conical flask as the winning entry. This left the depicted shapes and colour that we all know and the rest is history."

At the time Arthur nicknamed his design the 'The elixir of aroma', a theme he was to use later when setting up the company Elixarome in 1998.

Over the decades the design has changed very little, and it remains one of the most instantly recognisable motifs in the flavour industry worldwide.

(This logo may not be reproduced elsewhere without the permission of the British Society of Flavourists)