We have been experiencing a technological boom in the last few decades. Availability of smartphones and other portable devices has significantly changed our communication habits. Our listening habits are now strongly influenced by the podcasts, an audio format that began as a convenient "on-demand" way to listen to the first podcasters or the recordings of public radio stations.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought us a new phenomenon: video conferencing. At the British Society of Flavourists we have used video conferencing to organize a series of memorable online lectures, recordings of which are available on our website exclusively for Society members. A few months ago, we started to interview people who are important to (mostly) the flavour industry. These personalities have great life stories that could be inspirational for the young generation of flavourists, scientists or anyone interested in flavour.

We now have many excellent conversations to share with you in the form of the "Flavour Talks" podcast.

We launch our podcast with legendary flavourist John Wright. Check out the trailer:

More to come soon!

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Enjoy the listening!

Ján Peťka
Podcast Committee of the BSF Council