Online Webinar with Vanessa Rios de Souza and Tian Yu: Sensory Science and Emerging Technology
Friday 14 October 2022, 19:30 - 21:00
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We are joined by Tian Yu and Vanessa Rios de Souza of Aigora


A raft of new technologies is bridging the physical and virtual worlds as the world collectively moves into the metaverse. These technologies include hearables, wearables, edge computing, smart-packaging, augmented lenses, voice-activated interfaces, tools for telepresence, blockchain, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Through these technologies, sensory scientists have an unprecedented opportunity to accompany consumers along the product journey well past the point of sale and all the way up to the repurchase decision. Along this journey, communication will be two-way, with brands providing valuable information to consumers while collecting data that helps sensory scientists inform ever more sophisticated and ecologically valid predictive models.

Tian Yu

Dr. Tian Yu obtained her Ph.D. in neuroscience, focusing on fat and sour taste signal transduction. After a postdoctoral fellowship researching lipid metabolism, Dr. Yu devotes herself to sensory and consumer science research to combine her love of sensory neuroscience and expertise in data science as a Computational Sensory Scientist. Now she is the Directory of Sensory at Aigora, a technology company that helps sensory and consumer teams to implement artificial intelligence.

Vanessa Rios de Souza

Dr. Vanessa Rios de Souza holds a Ph.D. degree in Food Science and has over 10 years of experience in R&D, consumer, and sensory research across multiple food product categories and functions, with a strong background in food science and food processing. She has worked as a professor and has provided professional consultative services in the sensory field to CPG industries for several years. She works now at Aigora as a Senior Sensory Science Consultant.

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