For many years the BSF magazine "News & Views" has been an important point of contact with the membership of the BSF. It sought to inform members about the Society, events taking place and other news and features. However, with the Society now utilising fully the Internet, web pages  and  other social media channels the council of the BSF agreed that a new focus for a regular publication was needed.

The council felt that a magazine or journal that appeals to young flavourists would, along with the website, be a communication focal point, help to knit the BSF together and attract new members.The new publication will be closely aligned with the "Objects" of the Society as laid out in the constitution: to promote knowledge of flavour technology and application, to promote the education and development of flavourists, to provide responsible and informed body of professional opinion on all aspects of legislation affecting flavour technology.

To this end, at the FlavourTalk Exhibition held last week in Amsterdam the BSF released the first edition of "The New Flavourist" and we are pleased to announce that this is available in electronic form to all members in the My BSF area of our website.

Aims of the Magazine: 
The magazine will endeavour to address issues of relevance and interest to flavourists. 

  • Technical: To provide articles and information that will assist flavourist's in their work and their understanding of the technical and creative aspects of their jobs. For example; reviews of flavouring substances on the Union and FEMA GRAS lists, new flavour developments, sensory science and flavour evaluation, new developments in analytical methodology, encapsulation science, extraction technologies, biotechnological production of flavourings, natural flavours, reports on innovations from research centres and academia.

  • Legislation:  The magazine will assess the impact of legislation and new regulations on the flavour sector. It will liaise with the UK Flavour Association and report on issues of relevance affecting the UK and the EU. Other global flavour legislation will be included.

  • Education: The magazine will advertise flavour courses and other training activities available to members.

It is planned to produce the magazine quarterly initially. Each issue will contain 2/3 technical/legislation articles and reports of events.The magazine will be electronic and available to members free of charge. The Magazine will be posted in the member's section of the web pages.
An editorial panel has been appointed which is headed up by Professor David Baines.  The editorial team will report to the BSF Council. Other members of Council may occasionally contribute articles.

Speaking about the new publication, Paul Filby, the BSF President said " I am sure that The New Flavourist publication will be welcomed by all the BSF members and each edition will be an eagerly anticipated document. Being relevant and useful to Flavourists as a reference point, it will provide another tangible benefit of Society membership. The Council needs to thank Professor David Baines and his editorial team for taking on this responsibility and for all their work."

New Flavourist - first issue

British Society of Flavourists