Dear Members,

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year, invigorating you for 2016. I have suddenly realised that we are four months into the year. My how time flies!

The BSF held the joint lecture with the BSP at the British Library Conference Centre in London with Professor Charles Spence, who as Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the University of Oxford is interested in how we observe the world through our senses. He enlightened us, in his lecture, on ‘Off the plate dining, how Chefs, Culinary Artists and the Food Companies will deliver Flavours in the 21st century’. The event was well attended and after his presentation, those present had many questions to ask Charles which continued in the foyer after the lecture, whilst we had a little sustenance, before the trek home.

There was a visit to Endeavour Speciality Chemicals on the 24th February along with the WFFC-UK, to learn about the high impact chemicals they manufacture for the Flavour and Fragrance Industries, and how to use them in creations. It was very interesting to all who attended and thanks to Endeavour for the invite.

On the 3rd March the BSF held it’s Annual Table Talk Exhibition in Amsterdam. As I mentioned in the last Newsletter we had to change the venue from the NH Barbizon Palace to NH Airport Hotel, due to the Barbizon being refurbished. This event continues to grow, this year’s exhibition attracting the largest number of exhibitors and delegates and indeed it was our most successful year so far, with lots of new products being demonstrated. As in previous years Dave Baines was instrumental in the organisation of the event and as held for the last couple of years, a dinner was arranged at the ‘Haesje Claes’ the evening before, for those who had arrived early for the exhibition. This is very useful for the exhibitors who do not have to figure out where to eat and can relax before the hard work of the following day. From the Feedback forms completed, it has shown that the Barbizon Palace was the preferred venue, so all being well we hope to return there next year.

We will be holding our annual Symposium on Wednesday the 15th June, 2016 at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham, themed ‘Future of Beverage and Dairy Food Flavourings’. There is a lot of pressure on the food industry to lower the fat and sugar contents of their products and our Industry needs to create flavours that minimise the impact that the reformulation causes.

We will also be holding the Society’s AGM after the morning’s lecture session which is notified in this issue of News and Views. You will see that due to changes in personal situations and work issues a number of the Committee Members have had to step down. This has left us with a larger number of places to fill than in recent years, starting with the role of President and including all the other Ordinary Members.

The Committee meets about six times a year and we have started to include this just before evening lectures or events, so as to minimise the commitment away from the lab/office. Please talk to any of the Committee who will describe what we get up to, which is really not that onerous a task in order to keep this ‘nearly’ fifty year old Society working so well.

Danny Kite
Hon. President