Join us on a journey through the life and work of Professor Don Mottram, the eminent English flavour chemist from the ⁠Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences⁠ at the University of Reading. He began his career in colour chemistry and was one of the pioneers of chromatography. He then moved into flavour research and was one of the first to carry out fundamental research into meat flavour. Working with Professor Bronek Wedzicha at the University of Leeds, Mottram made a major breakthrough in understanding the origin of acrylamide in fried and cooked foods.

He retired as Head of the Flavour Chemistry Research Group in October 2010, but continues to work with the group on a number of projects, most notably the ⁠Flavourist Training Course⁠ in conjunction with the BSF.

Host: Trevor Groome, Sean Ryan, Music: Aidan Kirkwood, Editing: Britta Nobis
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